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Oregon's Affordable Video and Audio Specialist
Shooting & Webcasting in SD or HD - Formats include: NTSC and PAL!

Contact: Scott M. Douglas, DP., Toll Free: (877) 686-9880
Local: (541) 686-9880 - Cell: (541) 913-0475

E-mail: scott@audiocam.com - Mail us at: 1863 Pioneer Pkwy. E, #228, Springfield, OR 97477-3907

Satellite Webcasting & Video Streaming Services

Douglas Technical Services is proud to offer Satellite Video Streaming Services also known as Webcasting at affordable rates from just about any location. No longer does streaming video need a building that's tied to the Internet. At DTS, we have the latest technology in video and streaming equipment to make your project a worldwide event from any place in the city or countryside.

We do sponsored or pay-per-view events and handle all CDN services. You get a detailed report on viewer demographics after your production.

All equipment can be used working out of the production van at remote locations or the production package can be taken inside an event and use either a landline connection or the satellite uplink.

Features Include:

We stream live & recorded video to your Internet site and now to Facebook pages. Viewers can be communicating on Facebook with each other, while watching the program. With our Roku channel for watching the Internet on television, it's like having your own TV station that reaches around the world.

Live video streaming is used by companies and individuals for corporate meetings and other messages; weddings to be viewed by friends & family around the world; and sporting events, news and other media events. The really great thing it's affordable!

Remember, DTS covers the entire Pacific Northwest. Call Scott to discuss your project, rates and schedule your event. Call now: 877-686-9880 or 541-686-9880.

Please call or email for professional references. DVD demo reel available.
Production experience since 1988.

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